Portugal og Tekstil

Portugal og Tekstil

Portugal og Tekstil = Kvalitet ?

I had never been to Portugal prior to deciding to produce our range of Egyptian cotton bed linen. I looked at the facts:

First, Portugal had a very long and highly respected textile industry.

Second, despite aid from Europe, local communities had been hit really harshly by the recession, ending up with a 25% unemployment rate only a few years ago.

Third, competition from China and others cheap labour countries was and still is a huge threat to their survival.

Call me sentimental but there was no further hesitation: I was so happy to be able to bring in the human factor into Alabaster's mission. I knew I couldn't find superior quality bed linen at reasonable prices in Norway, I knew I could do something about it, I had my designs, now I just had to find the right producer.

The very kind and intelligent Portuguese Ambassadress in Norway helped me with initial contacts but all the companies seemed so amazing. It was going to be tough.

på fabrikken å velger egyptisk bomull 



Få historiene, hent inspirasjonen