A new Generation of Luxury

A new Generation of Luxury

All heeled-up for the baker

My Parisian friends will remember, but those who run into me at Sørkedalen Landhandel wearing my week-end bobble jakke - pair of jeans & hiking boots uniform will find it hard to believe that, once upon a time, I wouldn’t have dreamt of leaving the house, even to get a baguette from the next-door boulangerie on a Sunday without full-on make-up, jewellery, ten centimetre heels and fabulously crafted clothes.

They will, no doubt, also think of it as completely absurd. To those I say:

“It was Paris, it was the nineties, Haute Couture was my religion”

So how did I end up creating Egyptian cotton bed linen from a quiet Norwegian valley I hear you ask?

When we get to know each other better I will tell you how I ended up in Nordmarka, but right now I can say that offering something that noticeably contributes to an extraordinary experience is my way of sharing ‘luxury’ as I understand it today. And knowing that we spend up to a third of our lives in bed, creating something that helps people enjoy an exceptional sleep experience makes me jump out of mine every morning, proud and happy!

A new generation of Luxury is born!

In the last decades, with the increase in popularity and growth of luxury brands against the context of mass production, social inequality and environmental concerns, I have been obsessed with what the term ’luxury’ means to people today.

It's all about feeling good

Throughout my twenty years within the Luxury Goods industry, and without getting into the vulgar logos, mass production and delocalisation debate, I can just say that have witnessed drastic changes in how a lot of us now value the notion of luxury. It has come as no surprise then to see that more and more people aspire to less tangible forms of luxury, such as the desire for space and time:

The new generation of Luxury is no longer about having, it’s about feeling.

Wearing high heels and make-up in Nordmarka was never an option but adding a touch of raw luxury in my everyday life truly cheers me up. It’s usually about small details and luxury bed linen does that to me but the prices in Oslo are just too prohibitive if you’re going to introduce new duvet covers and pillow-cases on a more regular basis.

luksus seng med alabaster sengetøy av egyptisk bomull

Alabaster fine egyptian cotton bed linen

That’s how I decided to create my own brand of bed linen, doing it the only way I know: Learning from the best textile engineers, sourcing the best Egyptian cotton, exquisite to the eye and irresistible the touch but also durable, looking for the best people to craft it, work closely with them and offer it in Norway at honest prices. 

So now you know! Bonne nuit mes chéris!

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