Collines de Provence

Collines de Provence

Collines de Provence make their beautiful fragrances from the rich flora growing just outside their door in the mountains. Collines de Provence is situated in the Alpes de Haute Provence, which sounds lovely just by itself, but it is the unique combination of lavender fields, rosemary-covered hills, orange and olive orchards in the summer and long ski trails in the winter that makes this region so amazing.

When I considered the Collines de Provence products last year, I must admit it was their fresh and elegant design that first drew my attention. And of course, the fragrances themselves were so delicate but, it wasn't until I got to hear the passion and dedication in the voice of the company's founder, a bio-chemical engineer and got to meet the rest of the team all so keen to tell me about the history of the company, their exclusive use of natural products, the harvesting & distilling processes as well as and its role in keeping the local community alive that I knew this was exactly what I wanted to bring back to my Norwegian friends:

High quality & authenticity at a price that means I can replace when I run out is the sort of Luxury that I want to share - A new generation of Luxury - Because for many of us, a cool design and a famous brand just isn't enough any more.

For many of us the story behind the product gives meaning to it. I love to know what a candle, a fragrance or a soap is made of, I love to know where it comes from, and even better, who made them. Having met the happy sunny people who make the Collines de Provence products makes me connect with them everytime I use them and I love that.


When I close my eyes, I can still hear them joking, I can still smell the warm wind carrying the scents of Provence, I can hear the cicadas.

It's those moments of grace I want to share with you, mes amies. Oh, and the products are gorgeous too!

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Få historiene, hent inspirasjonen