Why is this so delicious?

Why is this so delicious?

This is what you might have asked yourself if like me, waking up in a lovely hotel bedroom makes you feel like a slightly sexier version of yourself.

It has intrigued me for years and, having travelled a lot, I sometimes look back at the hundreds of different hotel nights. I have stayed in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels as well as in extremely modest ones but what stays with me is the experience, not whether it was an ‘expensive’ hotel or not.

The more I searched my mind about what makes hotel experiences delicious the more I realised that they all had one simple but crucial detail in common:

All the nicest hotel beds are white

Just try to imagine an ideal hotel bed that is not white, and you'll see what I mean. 

Isn’t it odd then that so many people choose colourful duvet covers and pillow-cases to match their bedroom colour scheme? What’s that all about?

seng med fargerikt sengetøy

White is the color of Luxury

With so much competition amongst luxury hotels around the world, our favourite ones, have taken the symbol of the colour white a step further to give us a perfect sleep experience and taken off all their coloured bedspreads to create a pure white focal point. A bit like a divine aura.

We know white is a symbol of luxury, and their bet is that if we feel more luxurious, we will sleep more luxuriously...in an ALL-WHITE bed.

seng med hvitt sengetøy av egyptisk bomull

For 1/3 of your life, yes...you're worth it!

Many of us know have tested how crispy white bed linen really works magic and I am so thrilled that more and more people are wanting to bring home that luxury hotel feeling with my Alabaster bed linen.
As we spend on average a third of our lives in bed, the quality of the fabric that is going to be against your skin is as crucial as when you pick the clothes you wear during the day.

I was born into a family of ‘difficult’ ladies when it came to selecting beautiful fabrics for their clothes and, with an additional twenty years’ experience in exceptional textiles working for Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and the Chanel group, I have myself tried to be a careful shopper.

Since having had the privilege and joy of feeling my new-born babies’ bottoms I’ve become even more sensitive to the touch of fabrics and in the same way I simply wouldn’t subject my skin to the roughness of cheap clothes, I make a point of sleeping in the softest bed linen. 

Fair Prices or Lagersalg?

What I’d found in Oslo was too expensive in relation to the quality. I don’t like the thought of resting my head on my pillow feeling guilty for having spent a fortune. What I like even less is feeling like a complete fool because what I bought yesterday is being sold tomorrow at -70% in a lagersalg. What sort of margins were they taking in the first place? 

That’s why I decided to create my own honestly-priced collections of best quality Egyptian cotton satin woven by European artisans that I could go and visit. Those of you whom have slept in Alabaster bed linen can feel the difference.

Wake up feeling like a sexier you

Give Alabaster bed linen to someone you care about this Christmas. They will wake up refreshed, a slightly sexier version of themselves and will love you for it!
For the lucky ones, you can also choose from my selection of unbelievably delicate fragrances to complement the bed linen and create the ultimate cosy bedroom experience – from the deliciousness of their own home!

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Shop Online & Gift Wrapping

Oh, and I can wrap everything beautifully for you in our gorgeous Alabaster gift box with lots of silk paper, generous amounts of satin ribbon and a nice card. Just ask me by email shop@taraanthun.no and pick up the same day from my new shop on Camilla Collettsvei 11 in Frogner. Velkommen!

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