Design Lab

With such breath-takingly beautiful nature around us many of us enjoy a tur på fjellet or båttur in a fjord as a private getaway. Wouldn’t it be perfect also to come home to secret hideaway? I hope to inspire you to turn your home into your daily sanctuary.

I will share with you how the thousands of colours, smells, types of architecture, interior designs, fabrics, anecdotes that I feel can be a source of inspiration to finding one’s signature style.

My ambition is to make you feel confident enough to pick things up when you travel, include a ffew unpretetious and cheerful findings, give your ‘utløpt dato’ decor a little make-over, to find a style that is so unique that anyone could guess instantly those rooms were yours.

Keep reading my notes, write to me and ask me, I will always make time for you.

Få historiene, hent inspirasjonen