Dos & Donts of Champagne Kap.1

Dos & Donts of Champagne Kap.1

Dos & Donts of Champagne Kap.1

DO: Drink Champagne to cheer yourself up whenever you need to. A girl needs bubbles and one glass does the trick. If you’re feeling super down though you won’t even think of cheering yourself up. A cup of tea and off to bed. Tomorrow’s another day.

DO: Drink Champagne to celebrate whenever you feel like it. Life is beautiful. One bottle contains enough for six glasses. You decide whether you’re in a sharing mood or not.

DO: I am not a wine snob but...: call your sparkling wine ‘Champagne’ only if it actually comes from the region of Champagne in France. The places you are looking for are Reims, Epernay and Aÿ.

DON’T: call Prosecco, Franciacorta, Cava, Vouvray, Saumur or Sekt, Champagne. Just don’t call it Champagne unless it is Champagne.

DON’T: Bring a bottle of Champagne to someone who calls their Prosecco and Cava ‘Sjampanje’. They will drink it under two minutes and bring you a bottle of Prosecco or Cava when they come to you. Alright, so maybe that was a little harsh but it’s bit like giving foie gras to someone who thinks it’s just another brand of leverpostei. Luxury, after all is very subjective.

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