Elegance is not Expensive

Elegance is not Expensive

Elegance is not expensive

For the last twenty-five years I have had the privilege to learn from people with a special skill or craft making things we can hand down for generations rather than throwing them away when they’re out of fashion.

Like my eight year-old daughter, I used to play ’butikk’ as a girl. Like her too, I would cry if my mother didn’t show up within the first two minutes of opening.         

Decades later, as the opening of the Tara Anthun shop at Camilla Collets vei 11, is around the corner, teasing butterflies have started dancing in my stomach at the thought of being so exposed to the public’s approval.

Right now however, I am having such fun decorating the tiny place on a budget: having a challenge is so much more gratifying and I trust my intimate knowledge that elegance is not expensive, Elegance is priceless. It’s about quality, gracefulness and simplicity.

Sharing the Knowledge

When working for Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and the Chanel group, and now with family-owned companies in Europe, I have learned so much about the importance of the quality raw materials used in producing something stylish and emotionally meaningful.

It was under Mr Saint Laurent’s influence that my passion for exceptionally made things was born. For the last twenty-five years I have had the privilege of learning from people with a special skill or craft making things we can hand down for generations rather than throwing them away when they’re out of fashion.

Today, talking to twenty-something year-olds I find it particularly uplifting to hear how interested they are in the provenance, the quality, the craftsmanship and sustainability behind what they buy.

Seems the timing is right: It’s now my turn to share my expertise in exceptionally-made products.

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Meaningful shopping

We, in Norway, love to travel South. Of course, we need that dose of warmth but it’s the memories of the easy way of life that we take home. When we travel, we love to buy things from the locals who can tell us what things are made of, where they come from and even more heart-warmingly, who made them.

When sourcing Egyptian cotton and bed linen manufacturers in Portugal and hand-picking brands of home living products in France to complement the Alabaster collections, I was saddened to witness the death of many local family businesses I grew up with and whom simply couldn’t compete with Chinese labour costs.

Supporting European Excellence

What were booming artisan regions, are now threathened to die unless the demand for the quality and the skills they own increases.  Some companies however, rich with centuries-old know-how are now specialising in niche businesses, leaving the rest to Asia: - These are the ones I work with. 

I am a firm advocate of the mindful, slow and limited production of quality products crafted in Europe. 

So, as I prepare for the opening of my shop in time for Christmas shopping, I let the butterflies dance, knowing that I am not only promoting and supporting European communities of excellence, but also giving my customers the opportunity to buy, at fair prices, beautiful things made to last which they won’t find anywhere else in Scandinavia. There are men and women with families behind the products that I bring to Norway. The same families we like to watch and meet when we travel ot the continent.

It's this emotional connection that matters to me and I’m proud to introduce brands like Rigaud Paris, Collines de Provence, Ach. Brito, Confiança, Tamalys on an exclusive basis to the Nordic region. I sell them online so that you don’t have to pay the extra margins attached to salaries & expensive rents of shops. And of course, for those who want to touch, feel and smell our products, I will be in the Frogner boutique, but just so you know: the rent in Frogner is cheap and I don’t pay myslef!

What I believe in

I believe from the bottom of my heart that integrity will triumph. I believe quality is the basis of simple elegance, I believe that things should be priced to reflect the hard work of people we respect, but I also believe everyone here should be able to introduce a little continental chic in their lives without being punished by stupid prices.

Small luxuries are there to make us feel good, not guilty to have spent half our monthly budget on famous brands everybody else is wearing.

Your Privilege Club

As a subscriber of my Søndagsbrev, you can become a member of the Tara Anthun Privilege Club. On my next trip to Europe, you will be able to vote live via Instagram and Facebook which lifestyle and clothing brands are coming home to Norway for our Private Sales. As a member, you can buy them at friendly Privilege Club prices before the others. You find the sign up form below.

Get the word out. We’re doing this together.

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