Fashion Trends Kap.2

Fashion Trends Kap.2

It's all about your bodyshape - Not hers

Having learned from fashion disasters - as well as a few glorious moments - in my twenties what shapes of clothes, boots and shoes bring out the best version of me, I now possess my own Impeccable Style Secrets. And these have little to do with the latest catwalk looks. Of course, I still flick through glossy magazines, and spend time analyzing what the models are wearing. Sometimes I even wish I could also wear mini leather shorts and high heels. And then I remember I’m not a sixteen year-old on a mint pastille diet.

eskimo med støvler


Remember that fashion trends have a wicked sense of humour

In my less confident moods I still make the occasional mistake like seven years ago when I bought UGG boots because Cameron Diaz looked so cool in them. When I look at photos of me from that time it's clear that I looked more like an inuit shaman than a leggy blonde. Then again, those UGG are super yummy inside, it has to be said.

Why be elegant?

In my future notes I will try to decode fashion trends within the context of our human evolution. Lending the enemy a little nobility won’t hurt my cause and I’ll feel much more fairplay telling you about the absolute DOs & DONTs of impeccable style. More importantly, I will investigate why it is important today to be timelessly elegant rather than fashionable. What’s in it for you, for your family, your friends, and actually, for the planet.

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