Fleas, Power & the Ritz

Few people are immune to the evil pleasure of ’å gjøre ett kupp’ and with the ’loppemarked’ season in full swing I hear friends of mine bragging on about how they managed to go home with an entire set of silver cutlery for 5kr or an untouched pair of ski boots for 10kr.

The unforgiving container

Last Summer my husband hired a Norsk Gjenvinning skip and filled it with my ‘junk’ within a couple of hours. I sat outside the barn, my eyes wet, as if watching a hand-fed piglet at the slaughter house. And now, he’s threatened to get another one soon to ‘finish the job’.

Gucci Bag

House & Gardens

I’m quite sentimental about my old Interior Magazines. And what if I haven’t opened one of the dozens of them for twenty years? -You never know when you might need a little maximalist inspiration. Isn’t everyone talking about busy wallpaper and flowery fabrics doing a big come-back? And of course anyone daring to go anywhere near my Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel jackets is dead meat.

To vintage or not to vintage

Anyway, what used to be ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is now ‘One girl’s past season’s must-have is another girl’s “Vintage” must-have’. So, there.
With the barn still quite full of ‘treasures’ I won’t be running to the next loppemarked, neither will I rush to any cool second-hand shop. I don’t care how big they write the word “Vintage” in the window, it still smells like granny underpants. At least that is what I always want to say to the snooty owners of Paris’ many ‘Vintage’ stores.
The fashionistas’ once-worshipped clothes abandoned six months later like old Kleenexes get a second chance at love, but you better take your black Amex. None of my plastic cards are black and the idea of credit makes me sweat but I’d sooner spend good money on a bag made in Italy by an Italian leather craftsman than on a bag stamped with a logo in Italy but made by an under-paid Chinese woman. 

loppemarked Marché Vernaison at the St Ouen flea market in Paris

Marché Vernaison at the St Ouen flea market in Paris

Les puces de St Ouen

Next time you are in Paris looking for a ‘kupp’, a little up-cycling project or even a treasure, I suggest you leave the over priced Vintage stores and hunt around the real flea market on the edge of town at the Porte de St Ouen. The rents have become so high however that a lot of small antique dealers have been replaced by chic restaurants but if you head for the Marché Lecuyer or the Marché Vernaison you will still find genuine bargains and unrestored objects. There the sellers also have a more open mind when it comes to the number of ten euro notes they will accept.

My golden tip:

  • Most of the St Ouen markets open at 07:00. Get there as early as you can bear it, that’s when the snooty Vintage store owners go.
  • Take cash with you and hold your bag tightly in front of you, the place is full of well-trained pick-pockets.
  • Take the metro line 13 and get off at Garibaldi, you’ll avoid all the made in China souvenirs around Porte de St Ouen.
  • If you can: go on a cold or wet Monday or in August when there’ll be less competition in the treasure hunt.
  • If you like something, do NOT touch it, as it will reveal the seller that you want it. Say you quite like it, ask for the price, take out less than the asking price in cash and walk away if he/she refuses. They usually call you back. If they do, you’ve won.

Introducing Le Ritz Sengesett & Pillow Cases


Ritz Hotel i Paris

Le Ritz in Paris

Le Ritz sengetøy av Tara Anthun

Le Ritz sengesett i tre nydelige farger. 

kjøp nå knapp

Få historiene, hent inspirasjonen