From Paris to Oslo Christmas Countdown

From Paris to Oslo Christmas Countdown

From Paris to Oslo Christmas Countdown

In between welcoming our customers in my new boutique in Frogner, Nam, Helene and I have been sharing our thoughts about traditions during this period, from here in Oslo and from my hometown, Paris.

Tara: Nam, how do you feel about Christmas decorations in Oslo?

Nam: "Let’s be honest with ourselves: our two main shopping streets in Oslo seem a bit gloomy and sad in comparison with the glamour of Paris, but that doesn't take away any of the love we have for our little city. It’s subtle and minimalistic the Scandinavian way. We don’t always have time to appreciate it, but most of us, who live in the city, do have a memory our two from “Spikersuppa” and they did a great job this year's theme: 'Julemarked i Vinterland' ”.

It got me reflecting on Norway's cosy discretion which inspires so many but I just couldn't help asking:

Tara: "I love Norway's cosy discretion, and it inspire so many people, just take a look at Pinterest boards, it's all about Scandinavian cool! That being said...If you want to be truly dazzled, Paris isn't too bad either around Christmas time! You know that dizzy feeling you get from watching a fireworks’ Grand Finale?"

Nam & Helene: "Tell us more! We so want to go to Paris at Christmas time!"

Tara: "Well, that’s how you feel all the time walking around in Paris from November to the beginning of January. As if the ‘City of Lights’ weren’t spectacular enough throughout the year, it dramatically turns into a place even fairy tales haven’t dared to go.

Forget bucket lists, being dazzled by luminous arches, multi-coloured bulbs outlining Paris’ noble architecture, incandescent flames in all the shopping streets, sparkling projections of light and ‘designed’ laser beams magnifying all the monuments, or by animated window dressings that leave you giggling like a child is absolutely to put on your silver tray list of things to do before you die."

Have you been to Paris during the festive season? It'd be fun to hear your impressions. Any tips about memorable spots I should visit and review for our Paris lovers out there? Write to me :-)

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