Going on a date

Going on a date

My bedtime feels like going on a date. I don’t put on any make-up and perfume but the longing feels ridiculously as exciting.  

Most businesses have a tagline attached to their name and lately I’ve been trying to capture the essence of what I bring to my customers in a few magic word words. It turns out to be really challenging.

I’ve dedicated twenty years of my life working for the Luxury Goods industry. I’ve thought long and hard about the history, the facts, the different perceptions of the very notion of Luxury and the reasons why we are so helplessly magnetised by it.

I like to think that perhaps we never actually wanted to possess any of the things we long for, perhaps all we ever wanted was to feel Luxury.

Soverom med seng og hvitt sengetøy

I have worn, held, eaten, drunk, seen, driven, slept in luxury. Of course I have appreciated the value of the dress, the bag, the food, the wine, the mountain summit, the car, the sheets but what I was left with was feeling wonderfully sexy. And by sexy, I mean deeply aware of my own senses, attentive to the small details that make life more delicious, I mean intensely alive.

Growing up, talking about money was considered rude and even as I dream up the perfect tagline for the business I’m still afraid that mentioning ‘price’, ‘affordable’ or ‘good deal’ might come and pollute pure and beautiful words like Exquisite Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen.

 How tragic because keeping the prices of my bed linen collections as low as possible is actually the key to my Delicious Bedtime Revolution. How relaxing to know you’re going to enjoy the the feeling luxury bed linen without stressing about having emptied your savings account.

Having to tackle a lot of things that are out of our control during the day, I say we totally deserve to feel wonderfully sexy for the remaining third of our lives which we spend in bed.

Does your bedtime feel like going on a date? Want to join my Delicious Bedtime Revolution?

Have a great Winter holiday mes chéris!

penn og papir

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