Hellllo Spring!

hvit krokus blomst

Helllllo Spring! How happy we are to come out into the brightness of longer and warmer days.
Actually, to be completely honest, except for my sister who shares the same feeling, along with a tingling feeling of joy, I also get gigantic butterflies in my stomach as soon as Spring is ’around the corner’.
From one day to the other you can see it, smell it, feel it. My senses wake up from months of rest and are quite understandably ready to join the rest of the Northern hemisphere’s celebration of this joyful season.
But that’s when my mind kicks in with its cruel reminders of unfinished diets, piles of unsorted clothes and shoes hidden away in the attic, the cellar, the barn, and yes in a dark corner of my closet. That’s when with shame I think of even higher piles of admin to go through, unopened books and magazines.
I suppose I’m a little more relaxed this year as I was smart enough not to make any New Year resolution. Haha. Feeling quite smug about this one.
Still, I know - because they have done it every year for as long as I can remember, in Paris, in London, in Brussels and in Oslo – that my worst cause of anguish is on its way: the Blonde Brigade are coming out from hiding the first day after the Easter holiday. Bags of butterflies ready to throw in my stomach.

blond pen jente

Their carefully shopped Spring collections falls perfectly from their lean, toned bodies, their beige, white& navy everything complementing their impossibly long tanned and bare arms, their legs showing off those amazing sandals you lazily noticed in the January issue of you can’t remember which glossy magazine.

They weren’t there during the Winter, I could swear it. And suddenly, here they are. Perfect. Tall. Blonde. Tanned.
I, on the other hand, was very much everywhere this Winter, very much in my car driving around like a headless chicken, very much sitting at my desk sipping full fat cappuccinos and very much eating croissants - not salads - between deliveries and trips to the warehouse.
And guess what? My legs are white and as short as last year, my hair will never be blonde, my Spring clothes a very unique collection of old favourites. Trousers and long sleeves will have to do this year too.
Have a super Easter mes chéris. And to my Blonde Brigade chéries: I love you, I just wish you would give us ‘cosier’ looking girls a couple of weeks’ break after this chocolate, marzipan and all things yummy on the terrace marathon.   

en liten ert på en hvit asjett

Secret Note to myself:
  1. Think of chocolate as really poisonous
  2. Start a water soup diet
  3. Only end the water soup diet when I can buy my clothes in size ‘XS’ without trying them on
  4. Remember to use that super expensive Elixia membership for Goodness’ sake
  5. Apply generous amounts of olive oil on my legs, stay in the sun and see what happens

hvitt putetrekk av egyptisk bomull med beige kant

Your dream bedroom starts righte here

Få historiene, hent inspirasjonen