Ja, vi elsker Provence

Ja vi elsker Provence

With the thousands of people with good taste who travel down to Provence every Summer I am always surprised at how utterly peaceful some of the villages remain during those two months.

Not the St Tropez sort of village. No, I’m talking about the ‘villages perchés’, the hundreds of pretty medieval villages perched on the Alpes-Maritimes hilltops. A few kilometers into the land. Every village has its own charm and distinct identity and many have stayed untouched, retaining the authentic state I very much look for when I travel.

Stepping into a time machine

One such village is Châteauneuf de Grasse where I have stayed a few times as a guest of one of my oldest girlfriends from Paris. The village - despite being only a few kilometers from Grasse - is so hidden away that unless you were actually going there, you wouldn’t even know it existed. Walking around the really narrow paved streets in the old village is like stepping back in time to a simpler era.


The views of the bay of Cannes are stunning and yet, there are no shops, no shoppers, no cafés, no tourists. In fact, if you wandered there in the middle of the afternoon, you wouldn’t bump into any one at all. It is so quiet you can almost hear the rays of the sun radiating down on the old rooftops.

chateau Chateuneuf

Châteauneuf where I was so fortunate to be a gueast on many occasions.

No messing with Le Déjeuner

Sometimes though, you can hear someone laughing and the click of a fork on a plate in a kitchen nearby. The locals know better than to eat under the sun and believe me: no lunch has ever been skipped in a village ‘perché’...nor in the rest of France for that matter!

spisebord i frankrike

The lunch table at Chateauneuf



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