Magic Connections

Magic Connections

Magic Connections

Visiting the workshops in Northern Portugal where our exquisite Alabaster collections are made was a revelation. Meeting the people, listening to them explaining their craft, looking at how focused they are and feeling how proud they are is a privilege which I am very excited to be able to share with you.

Working with artisans that really know their craft is such an inspiration. To be able to pick the right fabric with the right texture and threadcount together with people who have been in the business for generations is such a blessing. 

Producing and styling the photo-shoot for our Alabaster bed linen was also one of the most creatively gratifying jobs I have had since working in Paris for Yves Saint Laurent. 

 sateng sengetøy

 Doesn´t it look very Yummi....?

 Tara stryker sateng sengetøy

but there is some work behind it....


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