Min nye butikk..

It's not about control really, it's about feeling control

I love to be surprised. And, interestingly, damaging my cross ligament in the knee during the Easter holiday gave birth to my true Parisian style.
More precisely, the physical handicap following the accident was the key to letting go of my obsessive need to control the situation.

Tara som dekorerer bord hjemme

Completely over the top

Anyone who’s had the misfortune to be around me when preparing to receive guests will have no problem teasing or complaining about my exaggerated perfectionism. As proud as I usually am with the aesthetical results I cannot start telling you embarrassed I now am to realise what a crappy atmosphere I create every time.

Interiør fra Tara Anthun i camilla colletts gate 11

Nineties’ bitch

I’ve spent fortunes on therapy but never thought of addressing that control issue. So when the talented and genuinely kind Marianne Haga Kinder stepped into my shop last Tuesday all ready to re-style it I felt my throat tightening and my body breaking into a cold sweat: For the very first time in my life I would physically not be able to interfere.

OMG, the world manages fine without me

Imagine my even greater confusion, my panic even, when after a short visit Le Flâneur’s café, I came back to a completely transformed space. An almost scary reflection of my inner self. It was as if Marianne had managed to channel into and liberate my very own fondness of graceful antiques, sophisticated details and elegant touches of extravagance. I had to recognise and accept that I could not have captured my belonging to the essence of Parisian style better myself.
This week has been a true learning curve. I have learned that wonderful things can happen when you let go and trust someone to do their best. When you understand that your best isn’t necessarily the only 'best'. Thank you for doing the best for me Marianne.  
Read how she did it here: http://goo.gl/PntYm3

interiørbilde fra camilla colletts vei

Let's celebrate with a gift

To celebrate the restyling of my ‘Parisian Salon’ shop on Camilla Collettsvei 11, I would like to offer a most delicate pillow spray from the legendary Portuguese soap & home perfume manufacturers Confiança of a value of 230kr for every purchase over 1000kr until Tuesday 26th April 2016. Make your bedtime feel like going on a date. Could be more fun than going to Elixia, who knows?

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