My personal travel kit

My personal travel kit

In my last Sunday letter, I told you what Parisienne essentials I packed. Today, I am revealing what small not-so-essential things I couldn’t resist slipping inside my suitcase.

When I say, not-so-essential, let me rephrase: not so obvious. In fact, there are a few items which no one but me will know about (unless you’re a fly on my bathroom wall), but which never fail to make me feel delicious and confident. I can then go out, not wear a single high-fashion logo and still feel like a million euros.

So, I took my fresh and crispy white Alabaster toiletry pouch: It looks very feminine and is so delicate with its ‘medaillons’ details embroidered on plain Egyptian cotton but it is lined with super practical terry towel and nice large pockets for shampoo, make-up remover, creams and hairbrush.

I packed it with my new favourite ‘Mariposa’ soap bar by Confiença: It’s the sort of thing I’d give a good girlfriend so I know it’ll make me feel special. In fact, its fragrance, a secret blend of flowers that I haven’t been able to decipher yet, is totally intoxicating. I also love its generous size and intricate butterfly design.

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I also took my Tamalys skincare kit. My mother never gave me the talk about the ‘bien og blomsten’ but she did give me a lecture about the long-term benefits of a daily skincare routine along with a moisturizing cream from Guerlain on my fifteenth birthday. Does that give you an idea of the Parisienne’s priorities in life?

I didn’t add up how much I have spent on expensive creams in the last decades but I did go on strike for a couple of years using only sweet almond oil. Admittedly, what is good for your baby’s bum isn’t necessarily good for a 40 something’s eyelids but I had gotten tired of broken promises.

That was until I received a box of samples from my friend Marc who represents a German company who asked me if I would be interested in importing their French produced skincare products. I read the documentation and recognized a lot of the same pharmaceutical ‘buzz’ words, yawned and declined the offer.

Out of curiosity I thought I’d try the creams anyway. They felt and looked very unpretentious which I thought was a touch suspicious. Then I ran out. For two weeks something was missing, I wasn’t quite sure what until I realized how much I loved Tamalys.

The consistence, if I can compare it with a known product, reminded me of Clinique’s dramatically different lotion. The creams really absorbs well and doesn’t leave any annoying greasy traces on your hands. The smell is very unusual in a most delightful way. The active ingredient is Tamaline, which is extracted from strawberry root, and I’d half expected it to smell of bubble gum but, of course, it doesn’t.

My skin feels smooth and comfortable and my mood is lifted every time I use it. And that Tamalys is a organic and vegan certified makes it even more yummi.

What’s not to love? I called the company and told them I would be proud to represent their brand and share the good news with you mes amies.

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