Passion is my Bensin

Passion is my bensin

The last few weeks working on the design and logistics around my soon-to-open concept store have been physically demanding. Every morning however, I have been jumping out of bed at dawn with the same fresh energy as a little girl’s playing ’butikk’. 


And then, yesterday, as I was starting to unpack the products and placing them tentatively onto the shelves, everything suddenly felt very grown up.

Together with my small team, we looked at the displays and realised in silence we were looking at something really special, really different.

It became clearer than ever that I wasn’t just selling ’things’: Admiring the majestic beauty of the different products I was reminded of my responsibility to honour the hard work and pride put into every hand-made soap, candle, bed-linen, into the careful packaging.

Honesty is the new cool

Many of us are bored with seeing the same stuff everywhere and tired of being fooled by fancy logos and prices that clash with the ’made in China’ label.

The frustration has made my selection criteria when curating products for the store extremely clear: They should be crafted from best European quality, they should be available only to my readers, and above all, they should be priced to reflect respect for the people making them as well as for those buying them. 

When the doors of my shop open, it will be as a humble ambassador of the local communities of men and women behind the delicate products I sell.  I feel proud to be offering new honest brands like Collines de Provence and Tamalys. Along with using only natural, vegan, anti-allergenic ingredients, they belong to the ’New Generation’ of Luxury Goods that draw their inspiration from heritage brands that I represent like Ach. Brito, Confiança, Rigaud where integrity has been a priority for over 150 years.


 Confiança staying true to Artisan making of soaps for more than 150 years

Testing it is loving it

Before the opening celebration, I would like to give you an introductory offer of -10% on all the products you will find online at

Use the code you will receive as a subscriber of my Søndagsbrev at the check out. We are also delighted to give our members, free shipping and free return for 100 days. Happy shopping!

You will receive details about the opening date during the course of next week if you subscribe to my Søndagsbrev. The bubbles are already cooling…



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