Soup Glamour

Soup Glamour

I believe that the food and drink, that we are so fortunate to have in abundance here, should always be a moment to enjoy. Whatever you're eating. I love to 'magic in' a little Paris Chic for my family. Even when I was single I always made a point of preparing food with attention to its presentation. It was then a mark of self-respect, and is now a sign of respect for those around me. Showing respect is for me a disciplined expression of love. It takes a little effort, a couple of extra minutes, but the feel-good impression stays for a long time. And it feels good to make others feel good!

A simple soup, for example, can become an amazing dish. The nice thing about soup is that, even if the ingredients are modest, you can lend it an elegant air by sprinkling fresh herbs and freshly ground pepper then pouring it into a shallow plate and place it on top of a larger plate with a nice napkin in between the two. 

Et voilà: you've Paris Chic'd your soup!



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