When I arrived yesterday morning to open my shop on Camilla Collettsvei I realised the road had been shut off to make way for the Holmenkollenstaffet. Parking outside my shop may be free but a bit of a nightmare at the best of times. No parking nor driving through however was a different thing altogether and I considered going home again.

I was also feeling like a zombie after a night spent trying to sleep next to my five-year-old son who clearly did not dream he was a fearless knight but his crazy galloping horse.
Of course I could’ve carried him back to his bed, but I’ve irrationally decided to endure this insane sleep deprivation knowing that soon enough he will push away in utter disgust at my attempts to kiss him all over like an Italian mamma.

bilde av Taras butikk i camilla colletts vei 11

The sun was shining, a bird was singing happily and I decided to stay open anyway, bring out the parasol and outdoor furniture and sip - or rather drain - down litres of coffee.
It crossed my mind to add a touch of authenticity to my little Parisian terrace by sitting there in my cute dress and bright red lipstick, smoking loads of cigarettes whilst cheering ‘Allez la Norvège’ but opted for discreet flower arranging instead.
I can be so boring sometimes.

Cafe i Paris med sigaretter og kaffee

The flowers took me about four and a half minutes, the bird’s song got a bit repetitive, I ran out of coffee, the athletes were obviously still running down Holmenkollen, I didn’t feel like making any ‘long-distance’ phone calls, my matpakke consisting of the day before’s sushi smelled like the day before’s sushi, in other words: I was bored.

Imagine my joy then when this happy couple walked inside already decided to buy my ‘Ritz’ egyptisk bomull sengetøy kolleksjon. If you have a shop, it’s understandably ‘nice’ to sell your products but what happened yesterday was so much more than that.

seng med Le Ritz sengesett

Le Ritz Hotel Bed Linen Collection

The woman was very pretty in the blonde and bubbly way we all love and her smile, broad and honest was contagious. The man, obviously hers, was handsome in a slightly darker and aristocratic way, and his smile, kind and genuine was reassuring.
The poor couple had no idea how bored I’d been the last few hours and of course when they politely asked me a few questions about the benefits of Egyptian cotton compared with other qualities, I was only to happy to give them a full-on lecture about the different lengths of cotton fibres, how the longer Egyptian cotton fibres could be twisted into much thinner and stronger threads which, in turn could be woven into much thinner, softer and more durable fabric.

Hvitt sengetøy på deilig seng

I quickly realised I was getting a touch carried away and tried to laugh it off. My new customers were good enough to laugh with me. The visit turned out to be great fun and I can’t wait to hear if they enjoyed sleeping in my bed linen. In fact, at the risk of being a little nosy, I wonder if they’ve wanted to go back to bed it’s so soft and delicious!
The woman told me she’d sent me a message via Instagram. Once they had left I looked for it.
I’ve observed on every occasion that there undeniably is a special ‘something’ about famous people: They shine. Effortlessly. Like a star. There’s no wonder we talk about being star ‘struck’. The closer you get to it, the more powerful the energy of its rays. There’s no escaping it.
Thank you for coming to my shop Marianne Jemtegård. I’m totally star struck. You and Philippe absolutely rock.

marianne jemtegård og tara anthun

Marianne Jemtegård og Tara with Le Ritz pillowcases

Få historiene, hent inspirasjonen