The Linen Cupboard

The Linen Cupboard

The linen cupboard

The linen cupboard at my grandmother's house had a particular smell.

I cannot tell you what it was, but sometimes now, as an adult, I unexpectedly catch a trace of it. Perhaps it wasn’t even such a ‘perfect’ smell. Mixed notes of elegant beeswax furniture polish, toxic naphthalene mothballs, traces of her perfume, the fragrance of freshly-ironed sheets and even dusty lavender bags.

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The smell brings with it memories I thought were lost, memories of visits to my grandmother's house, of her, and of admiring the fine linen.

What do you put in your linen cupboard?

I love having a tidy home-linen cupboard and sometimes sentimentally wonder which impressions it will leave behind. Hopefully something to do with the purity of white fabric and the freshness of the many ‘smellies’ I love to put inside.

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