Twilight zone

Twilight zone

Twilight zone

Having grown up going to the food market with my mother every Sunday after church, and watching her unforgivingly examine, discuss and negotiate every single piece of fruit, vegetable, meat, fish and cheese before bringing them home, I now feel as if I were entering a twilight zone in the fruit & vegetable section of my local supermarket.


I mean WHO really needs strawberries from Israel, apples from New Zealand or asparagus from South Africa at any given time of the year?

Remember: You’re in charge

The French may have a well-deserved reputation for protesting a lot but it is that very loud ‘voice of the people’ that has prevented greedy supermarket chain owners from totally killing the local food producers. And by local, I mean domestic and close European neighbours.

Keep it local

We all know how delicious Norwegian strawberries and we know when they harvest. So, when you see strawberries at your supermarket in November. Just don’t buy them.


Få historiene, hent inspirasjonen