Vive Bordeaux Kap.1

Vive Bordeaux

World-celebrated vineyards and châteaux have until now been the main reason for people to travel to Bordeaux. I blush at the thought of having myself flown to Bordeaux about ten times without ever visiting the town. Admittedly I was working on an assignment in Margaux which I considered an excuse in itself.

Love at first sight

After only a couple of days spent in Bordeaux on our way to the Dordogne during the Summer I am now officially completely in love and committed to discovering a lot more about the capital of Aquitaine. Even as a Parisienne I must acknowledge the faultlessness of Bordeaux. It is a matter of taste, of course, but if you have a weakness for vast open spaces, classic eighteen century buildings and impossibly tall windows, magnificent limestone, if you could spend entire days looking through the shelves of an ancestral yet modern bookshop, eat fresh and naughty brasserie food served by fast and friendly professional waiters, digest it during a lazy walk along the neat river banks, hop from one cutting-edge art gallery to another on a über modern tram and finish the day with a music recital in a splendid baroque church, then put Bordeaux at the top of your travelling list.

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