Vive Bordeaux Kap. 2

Vive Bordeaux Kap. 2

Vive Bordeaux Kap. 2

Paris je t'aime mais...

Once nicknamed France’s "Sleeping Beauty", Bordeaux is now quite definitely wide-awake. A far-reaching urban development programme in recent years, along with huge investments in infrastructures, have made Bordeaux an absolute number one week-end destination.

Get lost and look up

Of course main monuments such as Pey-Berland Tower, the Saint-André cathedral, and the Place de la Bourse are important landmarks but if you, like me, prefer to immerse yourself in the locals’ everyday life then just walk around admiring breathing in the majestic beauty of the XVIIIth century limestone all around you. I particularly loved the hundreds of superb balconies: a glorious marriage between sophisticated wrought-iron balustrades and fascinating stone sculptures acting as supporting brackets.

Thy shall not try it with the neighbour

In fact, if it hadn’t been for the irresistible tiny boutiques that lured me in, I could have spent days chasing balconies bearing sculptures of lions, eagles, hounds, and fierce-looking imaginary creatures. Just before leaving I spotted one particularly fierce yet very familiar looking balcony. I asked a local about the scary-looking spikes dividing the balcony in half as I remembered it from my parents' home in Paris. Amazingly, not only did he know about the 'garde-cocu', but he also took great pleasure in telling me that this architectural detail was a gentleman's way of making sure his wife would not cheat on him with the neighbour. Ouch...

champagne og Macarons

Få historiene, hent inspirasjonen