What a joy ahead of us!

What a joy ahead of us!

 I love receiving guests at home, so you can imagine my joy at the prospect of creating the perfect guestroom this Christmas.

Getting away

Having stayed before with family and friends for Christmas or New Year’s eve, I know that one of the many things I was always secretly grateful for, was precisely to be able to retreat from the agitation of a full house to the quietness of my lovingly-prepared guest room.

The run-up to Christmas causes anxiety for a lot of people but, for as many, it is a great get-together to look forward to. Either way, Christmas holidays with our families usually gets quite noisy. What bliss then, after an exciting evening catching up with them to be able to get away to a peaceful little nest.


It’s always about the small details

A five star hotel room or the luxury of a vast house are, of course, always fun but, regardless of the size of the bedroom or the means of my hostess, nothing melts my heart better than the small personal details left there, as a promise of a restful stay.

Here are my tips, picked up along the way or ‘invented here’, to preparing the perfect guestroom:

  1. Go and sit down on the guest room bed and think of your guest. Try to remember their favourite colours, flowers, smells, readings…
  2. Was that mattress ok by the way? And the ‘dyne’ light and fluffy?
  3. Give everything a good airing session. It’s been chilly those last couple of months and the guest room windows may have been shut all that time.
  4. If you have one, cover the mattress with a mattress cover. If you don’t, get one. It’s much more hygienic and intensifies the qualities of your bottom sheet’s fabric.
  5. White bed linen. Always. It immediately sends out a signal of cleanliness and purity, which makes us feel safe and at peace. Egyptian cotton satin as a special treat for those very deserving guests!
  6. White fluffy towels, freshly washed and slightly fragranced.
  7. About those flowers: when in doubt about your guest’s preference, white roses arranged a harmonious ball will always do the trick.
  8. A book on the bedside table tells your guest you have remembered what they like. If you can’t, the latest issue of a quality magazine is always fun to flick through before turning off the lights.

And here are my tips to creating that perfect Christmas guestroom: 

  1. Follow steps 1 to 8 above and,
  2. With fancy eveningwear during the holiday, the wardrobe should be empty and have enough hangers. Nice fragrance inside too is a bonus.
  3. Same with the ‘commode’, check for dust and slip a scented envelope inside.
  4. Check that the curtains close well. With the possibility of a festivity hangover, your guest might want to lie in bed a little longer.
  5. Place a couple of good chocolates on one of the pillows.
  6. Make sure your guest has fresh water by their bedside, in a clear glass jug with a plain glass next to it.
  7. During Christmas time, lending a good old classic novel can be a sweet touch.
  8. An hour before bedtime, light a fragranced candle in the room for that delicious welcome feeling. Cypres wood, amber, or musc and dark berries are particularly lovely at that time.

What joy ahead of us!


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