What to wear for Xmas like a Parisienne

What to wear for Xmas like a Parisienne

What to wear at Christmas

The voice of Oslo with Nam: "Christmas in Norway especially Christmas eve is about family, that’s the absolute first thing to have in mind, it’s a family dinner. Your grandparents may be there and in their eyes you are still their little girl, so have that in mind. Second of all you are going to eat, and you are going to eat a lot! There comes a time in your life however when we are more excited about the food than about the inadequate presents.That's why we usually go for the save the tight sparkly dress for new years’ eve.

The voice of Paris with Tara: For as long as I remember, Parisian women have had comfort as the very last criteria on their list when choosing what to wear for ’les fêtes de fin d’année’. Those end-of-year celebrations include a late Christmas supper on 24th December, usually after the midnight mass, and an even later one on New Year’s eve.

Parisian women love wearing fancy evening dresses all year-round and the continental way of eating out a lot gives them many opportunities to spoil themselves, even on a budget. Finding that dress for Christmas and New Year used to be a challenge, albeit a fun one, to sparkle brighter than ever. As a consequence, I’ve often noticed that a lot of women end up looking like Christmas trees, forgetting for two nights that we look up to them for their timeless elegance.

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Stay and look Cool for Christmas and New Year

Jeans vs. sparkly mini-dress

But things have changed, the Parisienne is now much more relaxed and this year's trend is to 'Christmasize your basics'..read: how to keep your jeans on and look amazing! Fashion stylists have racked their brains to find ways for the fashion-conscious parisian to look super glammy wearing their beloved jeans, white shirt or even their sailor t-shirts. Think glittery shoes, statement accessories and make-up. The future is cool.

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